Top 6 Most Famous Writers of Our Time

In the modern world, the success of writers is measured not by the number of literary prizes they received, but by the income from the sale of their books. Let’s consider the most famous writers of our time.

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Most Popular American Writers

What Is the Ideological Spirit of Most Popular American Writers?

Thanks to American Indian fables, legends, and songs, American literature began to develop. Famous American writers described the events of that time very vividly. Of course, there was the influence of other countries, which was reflected in the works of famous American writers, but all of these were only single works.

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Most Popular Female Writers-min

3 Most Popular Female Writers

There have always been strong women in literature. You can recall Shikibu Murasaki, who worked at the turn of the 9th and 10th centuries in Japan, or Artea from Kirinea, who wrote about 40 books in the first century BC.

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Why Are African-American Writers So Popular?

African-American writers are African in origin. Their work is known as African-American literature, which mainly focuses on the themes of slavery, inequality, racism, and their struggle for freedom. While there is a difference between African-American and postcolonial literature, both tend to be associated with the conquest of colonial countries. 

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5 Most Popular Children’s Story Writers

The time of great writers has long passed, and a worthy replacement for them has not yet been found. We are sure that this is what many parents think when collecting the first library for their child. We have prepared for you a list of worthy contemporary authors. 

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